In Kürze entsteht hier eine Freundschaft Graffiti

Department of Cultural Anthropology / Cultural History

Volkskunde (Cultural Anthropology) aims to understand how humans are connected to one another and their environments. Cultural History attempts to identify humanities progression over time. Cultural Anthropology and Cultural History provide a viable perspective to analyze culture in its historical and present dimensions​.
In Kürze entsteht hier eine Freundschaft Graffiti
Image: Anne Dippel

Interested in studying Cultural Anthropology/ Cultural History? Our digital booth will soon be opened as part of the University Information Days!
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Studying Cultural Anthropology/ Cultural History imparts knowledge of cultural diversity, difference and identity. This happens through practical, research-based learning and stimulating, community-building thought and discussion processes.

Developing an understanding of the analysis of social and cultural phenomena and conflicts in historical and contemporary contexts is one of the core objectives. A genuine unique feature of our course at the FSU Jena? The balanced combination of Cultural Anthropology  (Empirical Cultural Studies) and Cultural History.