Ankündigung Exkursion

Exkursionsankündigung: Post-Imperial, Post-Socialist, Post-Conflict

Built Environment and Memory Landscapes in Post-Independence Croatia
Ankündigung Exkursion
Foto: Lea Horvat
  • Wann? 4-10. Mai 2025
  • Anmeldefrist: 18. Oktober 2024
  • Voraussichtliche Kosten: Reisekosten Jena-Zagreb-Jena + Verpflegung vor Ort
  • Zoom-Infoveranstaltung: 1. Oktober 2024 um 10:00 (bitte Interessensbekundung per E-Mail an

Anmerkung: Die Arbeitssprache der Exkursion ist Englisch. Es ist jedoch möglich, die Prüfungsleistung auf Deutsch zu erbringen.

Yugoslav socialism collapsed in the early 1990s during the Yugoslav wars. In Croatia, a government followed that endeavored to deny any continuity with the previous regime. In this interdisciplinary excursion seminar, we will use cultural anthropological, cultural-historical and media studies approaches to explore which materialities from past regimes have survived capitalism and are still relevant. In doing so, we ask questions about the reasons and circumstances of destruction and active maintenance that go beyond explicit ideological positioning. 

The seminar covers three thematic areas:

  1. Monuments and the culture of remembrance
  2. Residential architecture and public infrastructure
  3. The aftermaths of empire and socialism

The seminar brings together students from three degree programmes: Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology (University of Mainz), Cultural History/Cultural Anthropology (University of Jena) and Comparative Literature (University of Zagreb).

In the online preparation phase, the students will help shape the curriculum. The core of the seminar is a one-week seminar trip, mostly in Zagreb, with an excursion to Vukovar. The teaching format encourages international collaboration and research-based learning.

Organizers: Dr. Lea Horvat (Friedrich Schiller University Jena), Petra Požgaj, M.A. (University of Zagreb), Dr. Taylor McConnell (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)